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  • Speaking for Ourselves (SFO):
    • a statewide grassroots organization
    • all members of SFO are people with disabilities
    • we advocate with and for people with disabilities
    • we Speak for Ourselves on disability rights issues that involve and affect us
    • local self-advocacy groups join SFO to raise our voices together
  • We care about human rights and social justice issues like:
    • Real jobs with real wages, not jobs we may not like, have no choice about and pay less than minimum wage.
    • To live as independently as we can. To have a say in where we live and with whom we live.
    • To be treated with respect when we do need support from a program. To direct the kind of program we have.
    • To be part of the community, not separate.
    • To close institutions for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
    • The use of People First language in all settings.
    • Fair and informed treatment by law enforcement and judicial system for people with all types of disabilities. Representation in the legal system by membership in juries for people with disabilities.
    • To have rewarding relationships of our choice.
    • Full accessibility at EVERY location in EVERY community, with consideration to EVERY type of disability.
    • To set our own goals.
    • To have our needs, interests and choices considered by legislators in all levels of government.
You can apply to join us by going to the Join Us page.
We meet once a month, on the first Monday of the month at 2 pm MST.
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